About Company

The Preferred Choice For Business Growth
Nexential is a Chicago based commercial consultancy that supports business clients through processes change, implementation and disciplines in order to drive sustained revenue acceleration and growth.

A bunch of enthusiastic & creative minds!

From finalizing new corporate ideas, game-plans and strategies. We cover all fundamental areas

An array of business formulation strategies

Revenue generation and user engagement plans

Charting company growth via new metrics

Establishing a strong foothold in the industry

Expertise in Diverse Business Verticals

Customer Acquisition

We have helped thousands of businesses generate new customers while streamlining their customer acquisition cost.

Flexible Services

We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” We build our service offerings to fit your business needs.

Business growth

with over 15 years in the business world and generating over $152.8M in profits for our core clients we have proven we know how to grow your businesses. 

Businesses Streamlining

As part off our support we take a look within the business operations / systems and structure to identify where we can streamline your businesses to reduce cost and improve growth.

Functional Steps of Our Service

While your businesses needs may vary therefore our strategy for you may differ we keep a clear structure. 

Understanding your businesses

before we can build out a strategy for your business we need to gain a deep understanding of your business, its industry position, your audience base, brand aspects. Once gain a full understanding we can build out the consultancy road map.

Laying out your roadmap

Now that we know your business in detail, understand your key goals and challenges we will build and deliver the commercial roadmap to yourself and members of your team that will be involved 

Plan Execution

Once your team is on board and understands the roadmap We start executing the milestones set forth working directly with your leadership supporting your businesses with every mile stone ensure each is executed successfully. 

Reporting and closing off

throughout each mile stone we sit with your team to review and report on each outcomes, make any needed adjustments then execute the next step alongside your team. once we close off the successful project we will do a full review and work out with your team the businesses next steps.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design challenge to allow us.

We have a range of pricing options. typically we will work on a plan that fits within your budget either with monthly or per project payments.

Our investment support services works in a number of ways depending on your needs. we could either just support you in closing investors for your businesses or we could support you in preparing for an investment round, support getting a true businesses valuation, finding investors, preparing the documents to pitch  investors then supporting activity closing investors. 

With Startup we have a few options in regards to flexible payment packages, Financing options. We also can help you from concept stage right through to trading / generating sales. 

With our market research we can cover several areas from identify if there is a current market, the size of the market, the competitors landscape. 


We also can research your view of customers and what they believe or feel about your brand, global or country brand perception, industry needs and pain points etc.