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We provide end to end services to support your business growth.

We have built our core team around all the key areas of business, to help you grow to the next level. With Nexential you can get all the support you need under a single roof. 

Tailored Business Consultancy

No 2 businesses are the same so nor should 2 companies have identical consultancy strategies. At Nexential our first step is to understand your business, ethics, ethos, USPs, and key drivers, with this we tailor a strategy that works for your specific business.

Better market and user research

We work with a team of industry experts allowing us to get a real insight into your market, customer base, and industry drivers allowing us to shape your business for market growth.

Full end to end support

most consultancies will help you plan and understand their plan without supporting you through every stage of execution. We do not operate that way. we support you each step ensuring you get the desired results. 

Investment Raising Support

We know securing investment can be a challenging and scary time for any business. We have been very successful in supporting businesses in securing valuable investments. Our team works with you on all aspects (even pitching to investors) to ensure you the highest level of success possible.

Investors outreach

Once we gain an understanding of your businesses then we can setup a outreach campaign to identify and contact the right type of investors for your business.

Pitching Investment Rounds

We work with incubators, Angel Groups, and other investment circles. we will help you setup your investor’s pitch, support you in pitching directly to investors, and closing them at the right valuation.

Business Sales Development

Driving effective sales is critical for all business which is why we have full flexible sales development services cover everything from sales training right through to acting as your internal sales team and everything between.

Proven Track Record

We Pride ourselves on our team’s ability to drive & close sales for our clients. we have closed single deals worth over $2.1M and resulting in over $52.4M sales in a calendar year for a single client.

Beyond Just Sales Skills

We go beyond just having leading sales staff we also have a team of sales operations experts that will analyze your sale cycle to improve the sales flow increasing conversion rates while decreasing sale time windows.

Building a Recognizable Brand

When you have been around as long as we have you have seen and learned what makes a brand stand out and what doesn’t, this has given us a unique ability to take your brand to a new level.


Making your brand relatable

One of the key techniques to make your brand stand out is to find the right way to align with your customer base making your brand relatable to them and their needs.

Standing Out From The Rest

The primary struggle for brands to communicating how they new different than their competitors. We have built several winning strategies to find the ideal way to demonstrate as a brand how you are different from the rest.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a mind field to navigate around, working out what channels give a better ROI, what works, what doesn’t. That’s where Nexential comes in. We will work with your team to build a winning strategy while also training your teams on the best marketing practices.

Build marketing that have a strong ROI

We use a wide range of internal and external tracking tools to give us an amazing insight into what marketing works best for your brand, with this we can greatly increase your marketing ROI.

Improved Marketing engagement

Part of our strength is in our ability to build ideal customer personas, understand what makes them engage and buy then building your marketing message around what your customers need. This completely upgrades your marketing engagement levels. 

Legal & Compliance Support

We know keeping compliant with regulations and law can be a challenge. Our team can help you navigate through and understand your legal and regulatory requirements.

Direct relationships with key regulators such as BSI, BRC, GFSI and others globally. .

Commercially geared legal support. supporting network and legal guidance. 


We do not operate like most consultancies. We collaborate and integrate into your current leadership team acting as part of your businesses throughout the entire process.

Industry Experts

Our team is made up of experts across all industries. This allows us to dedicate the right consultant based on their skillset and expertise.

Digital Marketing

We have in- house marketing, designers and content specialist to support your brand. Keeps your costs down and your business growing.

About Company

Sustainable Profits & Business Growth

We take a combined approach to Operations and Commercial. This ensures decreasing operational cost. Most importantly it increases businesses sales.

Proven Track Record

over 15 Years of Business

over $152.8M delivered in profits

Our Mission

We offer a range of tailored services for your business.

We create our consultancy packages based on the needs of our clients. By using a range of our service offerings to deliver the greatest impact for our clients.

Transparent Communication

We believe being transparent is how we can best support your business, with that in mind we regular tracking reports, share clear insights and most of we are up front with our clients. 

Clear action & delivery plans

Transparent on-going information sharing

asking and answering the tough questions. 

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